Kasa Kunda
With the people of Kasa Kunda, Gambia, we organized a self-sustaining carpool to provide mobility without public transportation.
We currently offer free tutoring in all major subjects to 35 hardworking 12-18 year olds in Bremen's "Schweizer Viertel".

together —

We don’t work alone, we like to work as a team. You can find our friends and the projects we have been involved in here.

No Nation Truck
No Nation Truck is a decentralized collective based in Berlin that supports mi grant struggles along European borders with mobile infrastructure in a converted truck.
Fundacja Bezkres
With the Granica Group we support local residents of villages in Podlasie, Poland, who live permanently in the border area with Belarus. For more than a year they have been working together there, helping refugees who are mistreated by the authorities of both countries.
ZigZag Kitchen
An impressive project, which provides vegan meals to people in Brussels who otherwise lack any support.
Intereuropean Human Aid Association
The IHA aims to coordinate humanitarian aid for refugees in Europe.
Mission Lifeline
Mission Lifeline about itself: We do not accept that. It is not only an imperative of humanity – it is laid down in international law to rescue people from distress at sea, from war, from danger to life and limb. Where states fail, we must act.
African StartUp
In The Gambia, founders are matched with local organizations and supported with their business idea.
No Border.
No Problem.
Our friends from Hildesheim not only support our project Kesha Niya, but have lots of actions up their sleeves!
Refugee Law Clinic
Free legal advice for refugees in Kiel!